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Friday 3rd July 2020

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Durban Gardiner, Valuation Officer - Barrow 1 year on

It’s just over a year ago that I left London to come to work in the RPC at Barrow . Most folk thought it was a strange choice (then again some people think I'm strange!) but I grew tired of London (I know the Johnson quote of those who tire of London must be tired of life) and its constant draining of any energy I had, so for my own reasons I got out .

It’s quite daunting leaving to go to a place where you neither know anyone nor have any association with but I was prepared to gamble and I did. Before starting work I had a day or so to look around to get the feel of the place and almost as soon as I got here I knew the gamble had paid off. There is a pace of life that's pedestrian, so walking round town is about as far removed from walking around Oxford Street as it can get.

At the end of the day you seek a quality of life and this place lends itself to that. There is ample housing, whether it be in the rented sector or for owner-occupiers, at prices that don't require a lottery rollover win to be able to afford! And if you like open spaces then this is the place to be with the coast line of the Irish Sea and the Lakes only a matter of minutes away. But every city has its gems, and for Barrow it is its people. From leaving London it’s refreshing to walk down the streets in the morning and people smile at you and offer pleasantries. In pubs and clubs you are never alone and the welcoming tone of yal' right brings a smile to the face. It’s a friendly and funny town with just enough to keep you busy and some interesting villages around the outskirts.

So, if you fancy a change why not give it a go, I’ve been to most of the major cities in the world - Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo, Munich, Paris, Rome etc. While this wee place doesn't have the glamour, it’s beginning to have a place in my heart. I like it here. I'm Scottish and never thought I would be able to say that about a place in England! So there you go! Try it and fall in love with it.

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