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Monday 6th July 2020

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Matt Ross, Revenues Officer - Why I moved to Barrow

I moved to Barrow in January 2004, having spent most of my life living in cities like Leeds, Bradford and Manchester and found it to be a pleasant change from city life. The locals were welcoming and you are just a stone’s throw from some great beaches or a short drive from the stunning scenery of the Lake District.
I have worked at Liberata since moving to Barrow and found Liberata to be one of the most high profile companies in the area, along with BAE Shipyard, Tescos, etc, and that profile will undoubtedly be raised further with the arrival of the CoE/SSC. It's also good to be able to get to your place of work in less than ten minutes of setting off from your home, instead of having to battle with the rush-hour traffic every working day!
Another great benefit of living in Barrow is one which I'm sure will appeal to all - cost of living. The general cost of living is much less than I've experienced elsewhere, but the greatest cost-saver is property prices. For the price of a one bedroom apartment in London, you may be able to find a three bedroom family-sized semi-detached house complete with garden and off-road parking, and still have change to furnish it! Also, whilst I won't kid you there is no crime and everyone leaves their house unlocked when they take their annual two weeks in the Costa Del Sol, Barrow is a nice place to live and it feels like a community.

There are plenty of good places to eat and drink (which is also considerably cheaper), and I can genuinely say after just less than two years in Barrow I definitely feel at home.

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