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Friday 3rd July 2020

Furness Business News




The recommendations derived from this research report have been split into sections based on those covered within the questionnaire.  All recommendations are supported by either responses to the questionnaire or findings from the focus group.




  • Increase the promotion of jobs available in the area, including all companies, to Universities through career fairs and advertisement of jobs on University internets/intranets.
  • The council and assisting organisations should look at strategies to attract other large graduate employers to the area.  Including a number of businesses in a variety of industries.
  • The council and assisting organisations should look at improving the courses (high education) made available to young people to encourage the to stay in the area as opposed to moving away and then not coming back.  Providing development courses for graduates/young professionals would also be recommended to increase the attractiveness of the area.




  • Organisations such as Furness Enterprise should organise events, with the co-operation from a selection of graduates from companies in the area, for all graduates/young professionals to attend.  This event should allow people to get to know individuals from other organisations of a similar age group to themselves.  It should also allow socialising to take place away from a pub environment.  A suggested form for this would be sporting/team activities.
  • Focus should be given to advertising places that are currently available for graduates/young professionals to socialise.  Most places and activities, such as music events which are occurring in the town, are badly advertising.  The council and other organisations should work with local businesses to improve their advertising and promotion. This could be through local press or via emails that will reach graduates/young professionals.  The production of an “Eating in Furness Guide”, which is a guide often used in other towns and cities, will highlight all the restaurants, coffee shops and cafes that people nay not be aware of.
  • Organisation of transportation outside of the area to provide a variety of nights out for the graduates/young professionals.  The suggested form of this would be a night bus/minibus to places such as Kendal and Lancaster.  This again should be advertised to ensure awareness.


Features and Facilities of Barrow and the Furness Area


  • Improvement of websites that currently advertise the Barrow and Furness area.  The features of Barrow which should be included on the website are the low cost of living, the house prices, the beaches and the countryside along with the Lake District.  Within the Furness area there should be focus on the promotion of the traditional aspects, the variety of pubs and restaurants on offer and the high quality and popularity of these amenities.


  • The public transport in the area should be improved to accommodate the needs of the residents.  The frequency of trains and buses to different villages and towns in the Furness area should be increased.  Along with the frequency of trains to other locations around the country such as more frequent trains to Lancaster and Preston.
  • When travelling from various locations throughout the country, for example, from York to London, if an individual books in advance, a cheaper train ticket can be obtained.  Value train fares and the possibility of attaining these for train links to the Barrow and Furness area should be further researched by the appropriate body.
  • The possibility of a link to Morecambe via a bridge should again be put forward and researched thoroughly to improve access and to lessen the isolation of the area.


Features and Facilities of Barrow


  • Strategies should be developed to attract new business to the area especially more modern establishments and chain stores.  The council and other organisations should provide support for new business start ups in the area, which will support the modernisation of Barrow.  Support should also be provided for businesses looking to refurbish and modernise their premises.
  • Money should be invested into the regeneration of the town especially the town centre of Barrow which is one of the most run down areas.  Investment should be made to improve the current housing around the town centre instead of building new housing estates and building on the outskirts of the town.
  • Focus and investment should be given to the general cleanliness of the area, a suggestion to help with this would be to get groups of people to form community projects to work on and improve some of the areas of the town.  The relevant body should also be enforcing laws and fines for god owners who are caught breaking the law.

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