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Friday 10th April 2020

Furness Business News

Offshore gas works to create 150 jobs

A £500M offshore gas storage scheme off the coast of Furness will create 150 construction jobs, town hall chiefs have been told.

STUART KLOSINSKI of development agency Furness Enterprise has told Barrow Borough Council that the Gateway offshore gas storage scheme is important for Britain as well as for the area.

Gas will be stored until it is needed in 20 giant salt caverns to be leached out under the seabed 15 miles from Barrow. Gas will be put in them and taken out of them via Barrow.

The need for the scheme was emphasised by Furness Enterprise when it recently briefed the borough council.

Stuart Klosinski, industrial development manager of Furness Enterprise, said: “The Gateway project gives added flexibility to the terminal complex so that it can be used to facilitate storage of gas offshore as well as bringing it in from existing offshore East Irish Sea gas fields and future gas exploration areas.

“The Gateway gas storage company has shown in their submission that the project can operate and meet stringent environmental criteria, including noise.”

The agency says Britain needs the security of energy supply the project helps to bring.

It says Furness needs the investment because it will help underpin existing jobs in the gas service industry, which includes what it calls the Rampside Energy Park, where around 200 people are employed at three gas terminals.

The Fe says the combined facilities have the capacity to process around 15 per cent of Britain’s gas supply requirements and boosts Barrow’s claim to be an energy hub in north west England.

The project will generate around 150 construction jobs between 2009 and 2011/12 with prospects for local supply firms to benefit as well. It will also ensure the UK has much greater security of supply.

Two pipelines of 36-inch diameter will run under the sea to the Rampside gas terminals where the new 300m x 200m gas compression station will allow gas to be pumped into the storage facility and extracted when required.

Barrow Borough Council’s planning committee is tomorrow set to consider the application for the onshore compression station.

(NW Evening Mail)

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